Savory Trail Mix

The snack mix that keeps giving – crunchy protein-packed chickpeas, herby roasted nuts and olives, nutrient-dense vegetable chips, cheesy parmesan crisps, and sweet chewy dried fruit!

This idea was born from a craving for something to take on the go that was loaded with flavor and variety that was equally salty as it was sweet but also packed those micronutrients from fruits and veggies. All the components of the trail mix are a bit boring on their own but put together you have the perfect mix of chewy sweet, salty herby, and depth of spices, with lots of crunch and all kinds of nutrients in each handful! 


These were one of the first recipes I added to my site, it took me several tries to get them perfect and find the exact technique for a super crispy dehydrated crunch and achieve that coating of flavor from all the spices like cinnamon and cumin! 


This was a copycat recipe from Trader Joe’s because I wanted to try it out with different nuts, olives, and herbs. I am a huge fan of walnuts, castelvetrano olives, and Herbs de Provence so I wanted to highlight all those beauties in this recipe. These nuts and dried olives can take any salad or charcuterie board to the next level but in this mix, they add the perfect amount of something almost fresh from all those dried herbs. 


Yes, I totally agree, they’re overpriced but so convenient! How nice is it to have a little vegetable addition without worrying about its life expectancy if you’re traveling or leave the mix at your office to have more the next day? For this, I used dehydrated carrots and beets but you could also use cauliflower, kale chips, broccoli, or whatever else you find on the shelves at your grocery store. I do recommend salt-free however because there’s already a lot of salt going on in all the other recipes. One of the positives of making your own snacks is controlling that salt content!


Fun fact, parmesan is the cheese king of protein, with the highest amount of all cheeses per serving! Not to mention easy to digest since it’s a hard cheese and just tastes absolutely amazing which is all the more reason to include it in the mix. To make this a vegan recipe you don’t have to necessarily include them but they sure do taste incredible, I love the brand whips. 


Always go for unsweetened dried fruit because it’s definitely already sweet enough being dried with all that concentrated chewy flavor. Even though they are technically not dried, dates are perfect for this mix but also figs, cherries, apples, or even one more tropical like mango. Use whatever you’d like!  

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Savory Trail Mix


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  • Toss everything together and enjoy

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